Fear and Hope 2016 in the news

Rob Ford discussing new 'Fear & HOPE' report into English identity

March 7 2016 | from: LBC

Young People Are Becoming More Tolerant About Race And Immigration, Study Finds

March 7 2016 | from: buzzfeed.com | by: Sara Spary

A report by advocacy group Hope not Hate has found British attitudes to race, immigration, and migration are becoming more positive but deep cultural tensions remain. read more

England is a more tolerant multicultural society than 5 years ago, study shows

March 7 2016 | from: mirror.co.uk | by: Lee Harpin

Attitudes to Muslims have improved, and some 50% of those surveyed viewed immigration as having been good for the country. read more

England more tolerant than five years ago, report finds

March 7 2016 | from: BT/Press Association

England has become a more tolerant society than it was five years ago - but nearly half (43%) of people think Muslims are “completely different” to themselves, according to a major new report. read more